ETCHUS is focused on taking the ordinary and making it extraordinary!

ETCHUS is your #1 source for Cerakote®, Engraving, and much more. Our team is focused on helping bring your visions to reality. Our suite of tools enables us to brand, personalize and customize all kinds of items; making ETCHUS the ideal choice for your next project.

ETCHUS is viewed as a partner that specializes in branding through the use of high-quality items and guerilla marketing strategies. Our clients are people just like you and businesses just like yours. We strive to give everyone the same level of attention while leveraging the power of personalization to deliver some of the most incredible results.

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Ok, now that we have you totally confused on what it is that we do; we also make and sell parts for the 1991 – 1996 Chevrolet Caprice and 1994-1996 Chevrolet Impala SS. Believe it or not; ETCHUS started as a side hustle making parts for these cars. When we started the company, we believed it would be important to never forget where we came from and while the company has grown and transformed quite a bit over the years, we have stood by our word and we continue to make and develop new parts for these cars! Want to check out what we make and buy some parts for your Caprice or Impala SS?

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We hate bragging, but if we don’t Google won’t pickup on all of our amazing content (and we are pretty darn good at what we do). We offer a variety of different laser engraving techniques to get your jobs done. We recognize that sometimes you need a screw driver to get the job done and other times you need a hammer. With this being said; all laser engravers are not the same. Want to understand more about our laser engraving services?

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Many corporations are learning about ETCHUS through our ability to engrave Airpods and a variety of other apple products including but not limited to Airtags, Airpod Max, iPads, MagSafe Chargers and even Magic Keyboards. We pickup the proverbial ball on customization and engraving where Apple leaves off. When the correct artwork is provided; we can engrave just about anything on most Apple devices.

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When it comes to the application of Cerakote, you can trust ETCHUS to get the job done. Our entire team has been Certified in the advanced application of Cerakote by NIC Industries (the creator of Cerakote). We take continuing education very seriously and go back on a yearly basis to sharpen our skills. Want to understand more about why our Cerakote Services are some of the most sought after in the country?

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Why on earth does ETCHUS do all of these different things and also sell promotional products and client gifts? The answer is simple; our clients asked us to and when our clients speak; we listen. Our team has a unique perspective on the art of gifting and giving. We understand what people want and what is and isn’t cool. We aren’t fans of cheap throw away items but are huge fans of quality items people will use. If this sounds like something you might be interested in and want to learn more about it; you know what to do.

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When feeling good about your apparel matters just as much as looking good in your apparel you work with ETCHUS to get the products made. Our team maintains a heavy focus on customizing high quality apparel items. This includes hats, shirts, jackets, blankets and more. If you are ready to take your apparel to the next level; you are in the right place. This means we can handle all of your screen printing and embroidery needs!

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