• Relationship Based What?


    Over the last few years we have learned a lot about gifts. Who buys them, who gives them, who receives them, how to package them and how to give them. We found that there are two very distinct types of gifting. These are what we call Relationship Based Gifting (Personal) and

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  • How a Good Stripper Can Change your LIFE!


    Many of us have encountered a situation over the years when we need to find a good stripper. Finding a good stripper can be quite the challenge. Strippers come in all different varieties. Some of them work fast, some work slow and most do better when you turn up the heat. While some strippers smell

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  • Top 5 Reasons why Powder Coating is Superior to Paint and...


    On a regular basis we are asked about the differences between powder coating vs. painting. This article will explain the benefits of powder coating over wet paint. To start its going to be best to define what powder coating is. Powder coating is an industrial grade finish for metal that is applied as electrostatically charged dry powder without the use of solvents. These powders come in a variety of colors and have a consistency like

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  • Vacuum insulated tumblers that don't SUCK

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    Vacuum Insulated Drinkware (aka Tumblers) have become quite the modern phenomenon. We can remember when YETI cups first hit the market. All we could think of was who on earth is going to pay that much for a cup. The answer was right before our eyes and we didn’t even realize it; EVERYBODY. The concept always intrigued us. Cold for 24 Hours and Hot for 8 Hours. Who on earth leaves liquid in a cup for extended periods of time like that? With the incredible.....

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