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Against the Grain - Our Blog

We named our Blog “Against the Grain” because just about everything we do goes against the grain. The world has continued to function in an environment where “Keeping up with the Joneses” is sort of the status quo in social circles. Creating checklists seems to reign supreme in corporate circles and with those that are trying to be more organized. What we get joy in is asking the tough questions. The toughest question of all is (drumroll please) “ Why?”
Let’s have some fun. We are going to ask some general questions and you can apply them to different parts of your life. Think about areas of life that are working well and think about those areas that are not going so great. Ok. Got it? Ready? Here we go.

  Why do you do things the way you do them? 

  • Do you really understand why you do them?
  • Were you trained by someone to do it that way?
  • Is this the way it has always been done?
  • Have you ever questioned the process?

  Why do you create checklists? 

  • Is it to get all your tasks organized for the week?
  • Do you always complete all your tasks?
  • Do you hold yourself accountable when you don’t?
  • Do you understand why each item is on the checklist?
  • Do you understand what the real dependencies are for each item?
   How do you manage yourself during the holiday season? 
  • Do you make a list of everyone that is getting cards and gifts?
  • Is this list a checklist?
  • Is your gifting meaningful or are you checking off a box on your list?
  • Why do you do it the way you do it?
  • Can it be more effective?

We are going to ask these questions regularly and attempt to bring to light different ways of doing things. Remember much like a caterpillar turning into a butterfly, CHANGE can be GOOD! We will leave you with one little piece of thought and it relates to the last topic of how you manage yourself during the holiday season. As you look around our website, take a look at all the cool and unique things we produce. Think about how someone would feel receiving an item like that. One that looks like a lot of thought was put into getting it. Something meaningful. Remember. Gift cards are NOT meaningful. They just check off a checkbox on your list. Be bigger than your checklist. Take some time and put some thought into it. Life is too short to not show the people that matter in your life that you care.


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