ETCHUS Presents Custom LaserArt

Apr 09, 20
ETCHUS Presents Custom LaserArt

Recently we teamed up with a seasoned graphic artist who has been vectorizing various subject matter into a blueprint format that we laser engrave onto a lightweight, high-grade, black aluminum material. The resulting piece is then framed and ready to hang in your home office, playroom, or man cave.

Almost any subject is easily turned into LaserArt and to date we have created a Rolex Submariner, a Stradivarius violin (The Lady Blunt), a Glock 19 Gen 5 9mm handgun, a 2019 Mini Countryman S and a classic 1996 Chevrolet Impala SS. Each piece is hand drawn on computer, no automated tracing here, resulting in fine lines that are crisp and clear. We then add the relevant specifications and finish the piece with your own information, such as your name, serial number, and VIN, making the finished piece truly unique.

We will continue to add interesting pieces to our LaserArt line and invite you to contact us for your own custom piece, which we will draw out for you at no additional charge.

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