How our logo came to be

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How our logo came to be

It took a lot of time to come up with the logo. It was only after about three weeks of back and forth development for our caterpillar to turn into this beautiful butterfly! When we started ETCHUS, we knew we had to be different. We knew that others did what we do…we knew we can do it better...we knew we could make it easier…we knew we could make the process more personal. The tools and technology we adopted would help us do this.

As we grew over the first few months of business, we learned that our clients loved the quality of our precise laser engraved items, BUT they were also yearning for color. It wasn’t long before we invested in a giant HD Digital printer.

So why tell you all of this? As we added color to our products, it added a level of beauty that most were not able to comprehend. One of the first projects we did was printing on bamboo plaques; like printing directly to the wood. No stickers, no screen prints, no setup fees, no color charges and the best part was unlimited colors. It takes a lot to impress us and were in a state of shock over the opportunity we stumbled on. The company was originally founded as ETCHUS Laser Engraving, but now we were so much more or in this case less. We shortened the name to ETCHUS! However, just using text for our logo wasn’t going to cut it. Remember we are different, we are better. We wanted something significant and thought provoking, something that was as precise and colorful as the products we created.

With this, our “BUTTERFLY” was born. It was such a perfect fit. We were thinking that the butterfly really defined us and what we do. A level of precision and with a high degree of beauty. A creature that no one is afraid of and that everyone is happy to see. This is how we feel about the service we perform and the products we create. They bring a smile to your face, you are proud to carry and display them, you like to have them around.

You thought that was the end of this story didn’t you? Don’t put the Kleenex away just yet. While visiting a friend in Phoenix, we were telling this story and how accomplished we felt that we finally found our logo. We were telling her about the company and how we really want to help our business clients take care of the top 10% of their clients with our services. While we have the capability of doing pens and squish balls (and would be happy to do it, don’t get me wrong), our value really shines on taking personalization to the next level. We explained how we challenge people to think differently and know that we aren’t a fit for everyone. Over the last year we have been able to grow by helping our clients grow.

This is where the story takes a little bit of a twist. Our friend explained that the butterfly is just an amazing creature. It exemplifies TRANSITION and TRANSFORMATION. We are asking the people we work with to transform into a different way of doing things. While this is sometimes known as CHANGE and can be scary for some, think about what happens to that little caterpillar when it becomes a butterfly. It changes and it’s beautiful. A quick search on the web showed even more significance around the butterfly. It was described by some as symbolism from an old life to a new life, from ignorance to awareness, from a hard life to a better life. It is said to be rare that you would encounter a butterfly in life and not have some sort of meaning behind it.

We are laser focused on the success of our clients. Whether it is a new business gifting strategy or getting you that fresh personalized product that really puts a smile on your face everyday, we are here to help. Are you ready to transform? Are you ready to take it to the next level? What will you look like when you turn into a butterfly? Will you be accepted? We are here to help!


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