Should I Cerakote My Engine and Exhaust Parts?

Should I Cerakote My Engine and Exhaust Parts?

The short answer to this question is YES, 100%, Absolutely. Thank you for stopping by, enjoy the rest of your day! However  if you want to understand more about why then keep on reading. Cerakote is by far the best option available when considering high performance ceramic coatings. It lays down smoother than anything else we have found on the market, and it can be applied to so many different materials including engines and exhaust systems. 

Cerakote offers multiple colors that offer temperature stability in the 1200°F to 1800°F range. It is important to read all the information on the Cerakote Product data sheets to ensure the color you select meets your temperature stability requirements. Each color has a different chemistry!  

Cerakote performs incredibly well at high temperatures which is why it has become the coating of choice for exhaust and engine parts. It performs so well at high temperature that most notice a reduction of 30% in under-hood temperatures and improved efficiency of their engines and exhaust systems is dramatically improved!

There are a lot of benefits to using Cerakote on your engine and exhaust parts. Temperature is one component but the chemical resistance properties when it comes to engine parts are nothing short of impressive. The chart shown here is direct from Cerakote. It shows how well Cerakoted parts perform after being submerged in each of the listed chemical compounds for 24 hours

This test required submerging Cerakoted parts in Gun Cleaner, WD-40, Brake Cleaner, Denatured Alcohol, Lacquer Thinner, Methyl Ethyl Ketone, Acetone, Gasoline, Diesel, Mineral Spirits, Paint Stripper, 5% Hydrochloric Acid Solution and Strong Bases like Bleach and Draino. The results are in the chart and they are top notch! 

Advantage Cerakote: Rated safe up to a 900°F base metal temperature and 2000°F exhaust gas temperature (EGT) | A lifetime protection against rust | Reduced under-hood temperatures by at least 30°F degrees | Very smooth and clean appearance | Large variety of colors

Don’t forget that Cerakote is also applied at a mere 25.4 microns (2ml thick) which means things like your fuel rails, intake manifolds, brake calipers, valve covers and even your engine hardware can be coated with Cerakote and if any of those parts leak the gasoline and oils won’t have any impact on your finish. Did we mention that its super easy to clean as well? Parts coated in Cerakote are not only highly resistant to chemical it is also highly resistant to friction and improves the functionality of lubricants. When you couple this with the heat resistant properties you get a coating that will extend the life and increase the performance of your engine systems! Now... That's What's Up! 

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