Awards and Recognition


Corporate Awards
Recognizing people for their accomplishments and achievements is a great way to show appreciation and respect for a job well done. Many companies we work with regularly recognize their employees with awards. Awards can be highly motivating, increase team member retention and create competition within the teammates who did not receive an award. Awards in many corporate cultures are symbols of status and success. 

ETCHUS understands that our corporate clients are busy running their businesses. Our goal is to function as an extension of your team. We will work with you to get an awards plan together and present you with a variety of high quality options to choose from.  Rather than us wasting our time creating a huge catalog and you wasting your time going through it, we talk to you, listen to the objectives and make recommendations that fall within your budget and quality level expectations! 

Work Hard and Play Hard
We believe that it is important to work hard and play hard. The good news there is we know that many of our corporate clients have lives outside of work (well... at least we hope you do). We recognize that awards span more than just a corporate environment there are lots of other needs for awards as well. These include car show awards, team awards (baseball, basketball, football, volleyball, etc.), individual awards for swimming, karate and even races! The need for awards spans all interests and our team is ready willing and able to serve. No job is too big or too small when it comes to recognizing a team or an individal.

Keep it Simple Stupid (K.I.S.S)
When it comes to awards we are big believers in the K.I.S.S. principles. Keep it simple, keep it within budget, don't over complicate the project. Awards are typically just a portion of the celebratory event which might include a ceremony and dinner. Let us take the load off your back when it comes to getting the awards handled!


Contract Services

We offer a variety of contract services at competitive price points for our high volume corporate and manufacturing clients. These services include serial number engraving, serialized or static part numbers, high volume Cerakote applications, high volume laser engraving and high-volume UV printing services. Our craftsmen and engineers can setup a consistent and repeatable process that will allow us to seamlessly become an extension of your production team. We would love to discuss your upcoming production needs to see if we might be able to function as an extension to your team and help you provide superior deliverables to your clients.

Customize and Promote

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