ETCHUS Caprice & Impala SS

Caprice and Impala SS

When the Impala SS was released in 1994 we immediately fell in love. Our very first product ever developed for these cars was the infamous Impala SS Trunk Kit. In 2013 we would take a great focus on these cars and start making lots of parts. All of our Caprice and Impala parts and kept in stock and then customized and personalized when you place your order! Without the B-Body community; ETCHUS would be non-existent! 

Below you will find a variety of the products we create and customize. Take a look through the collection and please don't hesitate to reach out with any questions our concerns. Our goal is 100% client satisfaction. Whether it's Impala parts or corporate promotional items, all of our projects are treated with the same level of respect and attention to detal.

Almost all of our parts are designed and made in the USA. Not just the USA but made in Texas. There is one component to our radio kits that is sourced outside of the country. Aside from that; anything visible that we make and that you touch is 100% made in the USA!

How it started

Many people ask why we make parts for the 1991-1996 Chevrolet Caprice and 1994-1996 Impala SS. The truth is, we are car people and without these cars, ETCHUS would not even be in existence today. ETCHUS started back in 2013 and was originally called 2S Manufacturing. 2S had multiple meanings, the first of which was SS (two S’s), the second was the two guys running the show were both named Scott (Zimmerman and Williams), so it just made sense. As our products evolved; so did our business. We changed the name of the company to ETCHUS when we purchased our first laser engraver. The reason for this was the ability to now service clients outside of the Impala community. The rest is sort of history.

In 1994 Scott Williams bought an Impala SS brand new off the showroom floor (he still owns it today), and it wouldn’t be until the year 2000 when Scott Zimmerman purchased a used 1996 Impala SS, make a move to Austin, TX and meet Scott Williams. A friendship was formed that would last in excess of 20 years. A bond brought together by a car. The reason we still make parts for these cars is because we love the cars, and the community and clubs made up of Impala and Caprice owners are some of the most amazing people we have ever met. Our parts have evolved over the years and while we continue to push our limits, we strive to maintain our quality and uncompromised levels of customer service. All we can say is we don’t forget where we came from and no matter how big ETCHUS gets, we will do everything in our power to remain connected to this phenomenal community we have been so lucky to serve.