ETCHUS Custom Business Cards

Business Cards that will change your life

Over the last few years we have seen a shift in the business card market. People started looking at business cards again and decided to have more unique cards. We have seen it all, well at least we thought we did. We saw cards changing shape, changing sizes, changing thickness and then finally changing to metal. 

When it comes to business cards, we have only found one way to stand out in the pack. Our custom plastic business cards will take your brand to new levels that you didn't think was possible.

Through the use of custom textures and designs, we design and create superior business cards that are guaranteed to spark a conversation and land exactly where you want them (in your prospects wallet).

Business Cards for Closers

Our cards are for CLOSERS! These cards are made to reflect many of your brands. They won’t fade, the won’t chip, they won’t peel, they won’t crease, they won’t stain, they won’t do anything other than represent your brand in a quality manner and drive revitalized conversations with your prospects. Short of physical destruction, these cards can’t be beat. Even after multiple passes in the washing machine - No issues! 

If you are relationship warriors like us, you won’t want to miss out on the reactions and positive feedback you will get when they see your new business cards! Our cards feel like no other card you have ever felt.

They are one of the few cards that get shown around because they are so cool. The are the same size as a credit card and easily fit in your wallet. Which is exactly where we want to be. Pockets are weak and items in pockets get removed and forgotten about daily. Imagine for a second a business card that will give you an immediate read on what your prospect thinks of you and how much they value your offering.

How to get Started

The cards we make are not cheap but they are incredibly effective. We recommend that most clients start with 100 business cards. This will give you the ability to measure the success of your business card strategy. That's right; you can have a strategy around your business cards that really makes them spread word of mouth marketing like no other card you have ever seen. We will help you through the whole process of art, design and execution. We can even include trackable QR codes so you can see for yourself how much traction your new cards are getting. If you are ready to get started, hit that buttom below and let's see how we can help.