Don't Be So Brewed Podcast

Back in November of 2018 a Doctor (Dr. Double B.) and a Patient (Zimmy) were having a conversation in the Doctors office. It wasn't a conversation about losing more weight or getting into shape. It was a conversation about business, about life; and one that carried a bit of laughter. Zimmy thought it would be funny to record one of the conversations but Dr. Double B. had bigger plans. Dr. Double B suggested starting a podcast together. Our companies (The Specific Chiropractic Center Richardson and ETCHUS) would sponsor it and we would put ourselves out there to have some fun and entertain an audience that did not yet exist. Long story short it has been a wild ride and has been a ton of fun. The podcast can be subscribed to on Apple iTunes, Spotify and just about every other medium you get your podcast fix from. We also have a youtube channel and premiere our videos every Wednesday at 9:09pm CST (when we don't break Facebook in the process). We welcome you to join our bro-hosts, check out the podcast and tell all your friends and family about it! Sit back, relax and prepare to be entertained! Our very first episode is inline below.  Our Podcast Videos can be found on Facebook and Youtube