ETCHUS Engraving

Laser Engraving

Laser Engraving is the most precise way to permanently engrave an item. This is one of the reasons that we have selected laser engraving as our primary engraving solution. We utilize both CO2 and Fiber Laser Engravers to perform our engraving. These different types of lasers are just like a flat head or phillips head screw driver. Similar tools that have different functions. 

Our lasers are quite amazing and can perform many different tasks. We have engraved all kinds of unique items over the years including production parts, parts requiring serialization, coated tumblers (Yeti, RTIC, Hydroflask, Polar and more), cutting boards made of wood, marble, humidors, cigars, leather, gift boxes, wine boxes, wine bottles, glass, and tons more!

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Glass Engraving

Our glass engraving services have quickly become recognized not only in Dallas, but across the country. We use a combination of laser engravers and sand carvers to create some of the most customized glass you have ever laid eyes or hands on. The deep engraving we have become known for is highly sought after and only performed by a handful of elite craftsmen across the country. We are fortunate enough to be one of them. 

Our clients commonly have us engrave their beer glasses, wine glasses, wine bottles (yep full ones), liquor bottles (yep those are full too), and a variety of other very creative items. Our glass offering is quite unique and all of the work we do is performed right here in our Dallas, TX headquarters.

Engraved glass is great for weddings, wedding gifts, anniversaries, birthday presents, holiday gifts, corporate gifts, and so many more special events that life has to offer. If you are looking to create a high-quality look and feel with your glasses that will never come off and never fade away. Just great quality for years to come or at least till the glass breaks! 

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NFA Engraving

The ATF requires that all SBR ( Short Barrel Rifles ) and any other NFA item built by an individual be engraved with the Manufacturer (Trust or Individual Name), City and State. The law requires all firearm engraving to be done to a minimum depth requirement of .003 inches and the text can not be any smaller than 1/16 inch (.0625”).

At ETCHUS, our goal is to not only make sure you are legally compliant with the ATF Requirements for NFA Engraving but to make sure your engraving also looks really good! Click the button below to request an appointment.

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Have a large number of items to get engraved?

We would love to talk to you about your project. Many of our clients either source a large number of items through us or bring in their own items. It's not uncommon for clients to drop off hundreds or even thousands of Hydroflasks, Yeti's, Apple Products, Glassware, Watches and so much more. Since we are a small business and own all of our own equipment, we can not only handle these types of projects but can get them done in a reasonable amount of time. Ready to get a quote?

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