Firearm Services

You may be asking yourself; self; "Why does this awesome company have a firearm services offering"? The reason is our Cerakote Coatings and Laser Engraving Services are very popular with firearm manufacturers and enthusiasts alike. Whether someone is looking to restore their firearm, give their firearm a new look or laser engrave their firearm with a logo or text; we can do it. We do all of this in house! 

Firearm Transfers

We DO have our FFL and are able to process transfers for our clients. All of the normal federal rules, applications and timeframes apply as always. We charge $25 per transfer to the general public and offer a discounted rate for active military, law enforcement and veterans. 

Firearm Engraving

When it comes to Firearm engraving; ETCHUS helps our clients fully comply with BATFE and ATF requirements. The ATF REQUIRES all short barrel rifles (SBR) or shotguns to be engraved with the manufacturers name, your name, the name of your trust, or the name of your corporation, along with the city and state.  Furthermore it must be engraved anywhere as long as it remains visible. It is important to note that the engraved text MUST be visible without disassembly of the firearm. These types of engravings don't take much time to do and can typically be done while you wait. NFA/SBR engraving starts at $50.

Beyond the legal stuff we can do some pretty cool engraving work on firearms. From magpul engraving, laser polymer stippling, slide engraving and more. We are always looking for a challenge or something cool to do to a firearm. To learn more about what we are capable of with laser engraving; check out our Laser Engraving Services page.

FireArm Coatings

Our shop is focused solely on Cerakote Thin Film Ceramic Coatings. It is literally the best coating on the market and when applied properly looks great and functions perfectly. Whether you are looking for a color change in a single color, multiple colors or something extreme; we are the right company for the job. Our trained applicators will have your firearm looking great in no time. To learn more about Cerakote; check out our Cerakote Services Page.