Firearm Services FAQ

Do you sell Firearms / Guns / Weapons?
ETCHUS does not sell firearms in store or online. We are solely focused on customizing firearms using a combination of laser engraver and Cerakote Thin Film Ceramic Coatings

Can you handle an FFL transfer for me?
We handle FFL transfers in store all the time. Give us a call to setup an appointment 866-738-2487

What is a NFA (National Firearms Act) engraving and do you do it?
Yes, we do this all the time. ETCHUS utilizes the most current cutting edge (pun intended) laser engraving machines for your NFA items. We achieve the required Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (BATFE / ATF) size and depth specifications without any issue. The ATF requires all Short Barrel Rifles (SBR), Short Barrel Shotguns (SBS) and Suppressors to be engraved with the following information: Manufacturers Name (this could be you, your trust or a legal entity), City and State. These engravings can be as small at 1/16" however, they need to be placed somewhere visible without disassembly to see it.

What is the cost to do an NFA engraving and what is the turnaround time?
The cost to do an NFA engraving is $50.00. If you are local to our Dallas, TX location and setup an appointment, we can engrave your item while you wait. If you choose to ship us your parts we will typically perform the engraving and send it back to you the next day.

Can you customize my firearms and weapons?
We certainly can. We don't claim to be gunsmiths and won't "functionally" modify your firearms or weapons. We typically ask our clients to bring their items in completely broken down. This not only saves you money on hourly fees but also allows us to move your parts through the process quicker. We can do all kinds of different graphics, laser engraving and Cerakote patterns. We know that your firearms and weapons can be very personal. We do everything from solid colors and simple patterns all the way up through crazy themed items.

Have more questions?
Email us at or Call us at 866-738-2487