Firearms and Knives


When it comes to customizing your firearms and knives you have lots of options. Considering ETCHUS to customize your guns and knives is one of the smartest moves you can make.  We understand that firearms and knives are very personal possessions. They are often used for competitive shooting, sport shooting, hunting, collecting, art and so much more. 

At ETCHUS, we love customizing things and weapons are no exception. As of this writing, ETCHUS is the only Certified Cerakote Applicator in Dallas County. Cerakote is the best thin film ceramic polymer coating on the market. It is an ideal coating for weapons because it is applied incredibly thin (25.4 microns) and will allow a weapon to be decorated without compromising the functionality of the item. All of the pins and moving components will still fit an operate as intended.

We also have team members certified in Laser Engraving technologies which allow us to perform the required engravings on NFA and SBR items. These same lasers also enable us to do a variety of laser stippling patterns.

When dropping off your firearms for customization it is critical to make sure you are working with a company that has taken the time to obtain their FFL (Federal Firearms License). 

ETCHUS has an FFL. This means we can legally and safely store your guns while they are being worked on by our team. This license also gives us the ability to transfer firearms to individuals. If you find a gun on or any other online site that you would like to purchase, you can have it sent to us and we can take you through the process to transfer the firearms to your possession.

Making your weapon unique to you is what we do. Whether you are an individual, a competition team or firearm manufacturer, or anyone else; we would love to help  you customize your gear and help you stand out! Our expert team of customizers will guide you through the process and help bring your vision to reality. Whether it's mild or wild, let's make it happen! 


Contract Services

We offer a variety of contract services at competitive price points for our high volume corporate and manufacturing clients. These services include serial number engraving, serialized or static part numbers, high volume Cerakote applications, high volume laser engraving and high-volume UV printing services. Our craftsmen and engineers can setup a consistent and repeatable process that will allow us to seamlessly become an extension of your production team. We would love to discuss your upcoming production needs to see if we might be able to function as an extension to your team and help you provide superior deliverables to your clients.

Customize and Promote

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