Promotional Services


Promotional Products a.k.a. Swag a.k.a. Merch
You have lots and lots of options when it comes to buying promo products. The internet is literally littered with options all over the world. If you take enough time planning and provide enough lead time you may be able to find the deal of a lifetime but you also may find yourself in a position where your expectations did not match the reality. We decorate a very large number of products in house or with members of our certified partner network. This allows us to control quality and ensure the products swag and merch you sell or giveaway represent your brand in a quality manner.

At ETCHUS we work with our clients very closely to understand their marketing strategy and then present options to effectively present their brands. No Catalogs, No Confusion, No Time Wasted. We consult you on the process and  function as a valued extension of your team and keep your best interests in mind. 

Physical Stores and Online Shop Fulfillment
Whether you have a company store or need help setting one up, we can supplement your team and help you with everything from setting up online, filling your physical store or virtual store,  all the way through to handling fulfillment. Our team of graphic designers, web developers and video production team can come together and get the job done! 

Quality vs. Quantity
The quality of the items you sell or giveaway will instantly reflect your brand. Remember that the entire purpose of giving away or selling items with your branding on it is to get people to use it. We are firm believers that fewer items at greater quality will perform better than greater items and lesser quality. The hole idea is to get people using and promoting your brand. In many instances brand alone is not enough, the quality takes perception and use to the next level. 



Contract Services

We offer a variety of contract services at competitive price points for our high volume corporate and manufacturing clients. These services include serial number engraving, serialized or static part numbers, high volume Cerakote applications, high volume laser engraving and high-volume UV printing services. Our craftsmen and engineers can setup a consistent and repeatable process that will allow us to seamlessly become an extension of your production team. We would love to discuss your upcoming production needs to see if we might be able to function as an extension to your team and help you provide superior deliverables to your clients.

Promote Your Brand

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