ETCHUS UV Printing


At ETCHUS we have opted to exclusively run Mimaki UV Ink printers. These printers are capable of some stunning results. The beauty with UV Ink is that it cures instantly. This means we can do some things that traditional solvent printing simply can not do!

We have minimal restrictions on the types of media we can print on and we can create some pretty amazing texture effects as well. This happens because the ink is instantly cured and does not require any sort of dry time.

Our printers are capable of printing posters, signs, wayfinding signs, stickers, wall art, window clings, window signs, business cards, golf balls, acrylic prints, canvas, glass printing and so much more. UV printing enables us to create some insanely cool textures  and effects that are unlike anything most of us have ever seen.


We are wildly obsessive about quality and service. It is incorporate into everything we do. Our UV Print capabilties are some of the best available in Dallas,TX. We have a roll to roll printer that can print up to 64” wide and a flat bed printer that can print on flat surfaces up to 6” tall and up to 28” long x 20” wide. This means that items like golf balls, baseballs and even acrylic wall prints can be printed! 

If you are looking for truly unique prints, look no further than our UV Print offering. You won't be disappointed and everyone will be wildly impressed with the quality we are capable of producing!

Special Projects

We have the ability to create items as small as stickers and items as large as stage banners. If you have a show or event coming up and need signage, or perhaps you need signage throughout your mall, business or store; we can help. Whether you have a large or small project, we encourage you to have us bid your job! Trust us; you will be glad you did!