Airpod Engraving


Custom Engraved Apple Airpods Make Great Gifts
Gifts should be meaningful and make you think of the person that gave it to you when you see it. For instance, if I were to give you a beautiful pen with your name engraved on it, this would be a nice gift that might make you think of me every time you use it. It may even prompt others to ask you where you got it, which again will make you think of me (at least I hope it will). An engraved pen could be a great gift. A gift card on the other hand would not necessarily be a bad gift but may not be a great one either. When people receive gift cards, they typically end up with a stack of other gift cards (waiting to be used). In most instances its very easy to forget who gave you the gift card to begin with, and furthermore; once it’s used, it’s forgotten.

Custom Airpods Make Great Promotional Products
At ETCHUS, we define promotional items as something that is given to a client or prospective client to help promote your business. It’s important to not confuse a promotional item with a gift. The easiest way to identify a promotional item is to look for a corporate logo somewhere on the item. Some of the more common promotional items you typically see are pens, pads, YETI Cups and even squish balls. The hope with promotional items is that they will be used by the recipients and help promote your brand, which is why custom engraved Apple Airpods make for great promotional products because people will use them.


Customize and Promote

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Contract Services

We offer a variety of contract services at competitive price points for our high volume corporate and manufacturing clients. These services include serial number engraving, serialized or static part numbers, high volume Cerakote applications, high volume laser engraving and high-volume UV printing services. Our craftsmen and engineers can setup a consistent and repeatable process that will allow us to seamlessly become an extension of your production team. We would love to discuss your upcoming production needs to see if we might be able to function as an extension to your team and help you provide superior deliverables to your clients.






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