Angry Kitty Beer Mug


If you drive a certain type of car that goes by the name Hellcat; you might want to let people in the bar know. Drinking from our Angry Kitty pint glass will definitely get the message across and let people know just how fast you go!

Express yourself with the most awesome beer mug ever created! All of our 23oz. El Guapo beer mugs are made by Hood Rat Glass Co. They are super high quality and have been engineered to be easy to drink from. We take each glass through our sand carving process which leaves a nice deep engraving on this already awesome pint glass. If you really want to stand apart from the crowd, this is exactly how you do it!

You get the best glass with the highest quality glass engraving. The sand carving process will actually dig into the glass and give it a very high end look and feel.

Volume discounts are available!