Golf Ball Trio

Golf Ball Trio

Let's be serious for a minute. Our clients love to play with our balls. Right here on this site you can upload pictures and graphics to put on your very own new set of balls. There are all kinds of uses for our balls! Don't believe us - we will prove it:

- About to get married? - Your friends will love uploading a picture of themselves on your new balls and prepare to give them to your soon to be wife. There is no greater gift than your buddies handing over your balls to your new wife. We all know you are probably never going to see them again anyways. :)

- Recently divorced? - If your friends are kind enough to take you back they may be good enough to get you a set of balls with pictures of your ex-wife printed on the balls. This was you can now go out to the driving range or the golf course and whack those balls whenever you want. How many married guys can say that - ey? 

- Looking for a gag gift? - You will love gagging on our balls. Whether its printing a phone number, facebook name, instagram tag, hash tag, or even some intelligent advertising, gagging on our balls is the only way to go. Make your own or pick out one of our many humourous gag balls.

- Stressed? - There is no better stress relief than playing with your balls. So print something fun on them and go whack those balls. Watch the stress in your life quickly diminish.

- Advertising with our balls? - You didn't think it was possible did you. Think about it, instead of sponsoring a green at the next big golf tournament, sponsor the balls. Not the ones they put in the giveaways, but the ones that are used during the tournament. I think you will agree that the only thing better than playing with your own balls is having everyone else play with your balls too. For 18 holes people can be playing with and touching your balls. No longer do you have to worry about lost balls. Someone new will find them and play with those balls too. You may even get some business off it! You can get business off our balls! 

As you can see here, the possibilities are endless on how you can use and leverage our balls. How will you use them? Need help figuring out what to put on our balls? Give us a call 866-7-ETCHUS.



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