Caprice and Impala SS Floor Mats


 High End Custom Three Piece Floor Mats for the 1994-1996 Chevrolet Impala SS. These mats were specifically designed by and for Impala SS owners. Our unique design covers the "problem" areas in the front passenger area  from the tall frame rails of the B-Body cars. The tall frame  rails cause your foot to rub constantly which results in the fibers of the carpet in that area falling out and leaving a bare spot that is not all that pretty to look at. 

Our mats are the only ones on the market that have extended "ears" that not only cover the bare spot but can also protect your recently installed new carpet from failing prematurely. The rear mat is a large one piece design that covers as much of the exposed carpet as possible. The more floor mat you have to cover the carpet, the better protected your carpet will be. 

The mats are available in both an 800 series (most similar to stock) and the 1500 series (the highest quality and plushest available). We are currently only offering these mats in black and oe gray. If you are interested in another color, please contact us at

The logos are custom high resolution embroidered patches that are attached to the mat using a a vulcanization process. This process gives the beautiful embroidered effect without the pulling that stitching through the mat typically gives. You will be hard pressed to find a better quality mat for your Impala anywhere! 


  • (2) Front Floor Mats
  • (1) Long Rear Floor Mat
  • Optional - GM Licensed High Resolution Embroidered Patches 
  • Shipping