LT1 Intake Manifold Restoration Service


This package is for a full intake manifold restoration service. You send the intake and we do the work. All of the intakes we restore get fully cleaned, sand blasted and coated with Cerakote. Cerakote is the best thin film Ceramic Coating in the world. It lays down and 24.5 microns (2 mil) thin. It is also incredibly durable and doesn't come off gasoline, brake fluid, oil or brake kleen. 

You have the option to send in your intake for us to work on OR you can leverage our Core Exchange program. We only have limited cores available this is why the Cores are not cheap. Once we receive your core back the core charge willbe promptly refunded. 

Before you send your intake we recommend completely stripping it down. This means removing everything from the intake prior to sending it in the mail. We also ask that you clean it is as best as possible using either a parts cleaner or degreaser like Simple Green.

Once we receive your intake we will clean it again, sand blast it, prep it and then coat it with you choice of Cerakote color. We will then polish out the fins on top to get that perfect finished look. 

When you select the coat the hardware / bolts, they will be done in the color of your parts. Intake manifold hardware will be finished the same color as the intake and fuel rail hardware will be finihed the same color as the fuel rails. 

Pricing is just for restoring the raw intake manifold. Pricing covers the cost of shipping the finished product to you. Please call with any questions.

Intakes can be sent to:

ETCHUS c/o UPS Store
224 W. Campbell Rd
Box 175
Richardson, TX 75080