LT1 Throttle Body Plate

LT1 Throttle Body Plate

Throttle Body Plate for 1994-1996 Caprice and Impala SS and other vehicles that came with an LT1 Motor. These replace the blank black boring throttle body plate on your throttle body. Yep the one on the very top. This is a great way to personalize or customize your engine compartment! We currently only offer these in a 4 hole configuration to maximize the amount of engraving space available.

Our finishes:

  • Raw - Will have scratches, will be unfinished, great if you want to prep and paint your arm rest savers on your own. 
  • Cerakote - This is by far the most superior coating we have found on the market today. It's available in over 200 colors, however, for our standard offering we offer it in Black and Gray. Cerakote is super thin and super durable. It won't wear and like powder coating. Once parts are coated with Cerakote, they fit exactly the way they are supposed to fit. 
  • Brushed - When this option is selected each piece is treated to a brushed aluminum finish. 

    Does Not Include:

    • TB Plate Gasket (not necessary)
    • Replacement HW (stock HW for the win)

       **Please note: All items are made to order in the order received**


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